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Passionate fans willing to knock down walls to tell people how cool your brand is seems to be what everyone in marketing is looking for. My friends at Doe-Anderson helped build an ambassador program around Maker’s Mark bourbon. Sexy product. Passionate people. Fun times. The Harley Owner’s Group is similar. Sexy product. Passionate people. Fun times.

But what happens when you are challenged with creating a groundswell of people nuts about your product and it’s not sexy? That’s exactly what Fiskars asked Brains on Fire a few years ago. Spike Jones, Geno Church and company sat across the table from their client who asked them to drive people crazy about … scissors.

And they did.

I caught up with Spike in Chicago recently to talk about community building and word of mouth marketing and ask about Fiskateers – a community of scissor crazy, scrap booking passionistas.

Community Building With Spike Jones from Jason Falls on Vimeo.

For more on Fiskars, check out their website and the Fiskateers online community home. For more on Brains on Fire, including a pretty dandy blog, check ’em out at

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