Email Is Not Dead

by Jason Falls |

Anytime you need a good pep talk about email marketing, DJ Waldow is your man. Heck, any time you need a good pep talk about anything, he’s probably got your back. DJ Waldow will bring his considerable brilliance to the Awareness Exploring Social Media Business Summit on Oct. 17 in Boston, Mass. Tickets are still available! Reserve your spot now!

I caught up with DJ a while back in Chicago to chat a bit about email marketing and what he’ll be talking about in Boston. Among the topics we discussed as the question of whether or not email is dead. I think you’ll love his answer!

Here’s a bit of DJ Waldow:

Altimeter Group’s Jeremiah Owyang will present original research at the event, which will also feature Todd Defren, Laura Fitton, Tim Hayden, Ann Handley, C.C. Chapman, Jason Keath, Mike Schneider, Mike Lewis and lil’ ole’ me. Plus, we’ve got a brand case studies panel that will be certain to give attendees awesome ideas as takeaways.

Some of the topics we’ll dive into that day include building a scalable social business, integrating social with traditional marketing efforts, the latest trends and needs for marketers relative to mobile marketing, location-based marketing, content marketing strategy and lots more.

I’m convinced you won’t find a lineup like this at a single-day event for such a ridiculously low price. For the $300 registration fee you get breakfast, lunch and a free month trial of You get to hear some of the top thinkers in the digital marketing business and network with them and other attendees as well. For $300! SRSLY?!

Get your spot now!

Register here:

And we’ll see you in Boston!

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