Everything You Need To Know About Content Marketing
Everything You Need To Know About Content Marketing

I’m not overly impressed by many infographics. Certainly, I love ones that are more process in nature rather than just informational. That’s one main reason Mark Smiciklas writes for Social Media Explorer. See some of his awesome art here and here.

But every now and then, someone will send me one that I find worth sharing with you. BlueGlass tossed one to me recently called The Content Marketing Explosion. It covers tons of broad statistics about content marketing, dives into some cited research on why companies are using content marketing, how and the like. If anything, it’s worth reading through to remind, inspire or motivate you around using content to drive your online and social media efforts.

Check it out:

Content Marketing Explosion

What do you think? Are you leveraging content marketing for your business? What business drivers are you pushing by doing so? Share in the comments. We’d love to hear.

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