Feedburner Gets Face Lift. Sign Of Things To Come?

by Jason Falls |

I logged into Feedburner late today to check on some analytics and saw a “Try out the NEW (beta) version!” link at the top. While I don’t claim to even know if this is new-new, as in today new, or if it’s even been written about by others, I figured I’d turn on the camera and let y’all see what I see and talk about it a bit.

The biggest potential meaning I see here is that maybe, just maybe, Google is finally putting some twos and twos together and making Feedburner better. Perhaps they’re even considering connecting the dots between Feedburner and Analytics so we can get better metrics from our websites and content. Who knows? (Here’s hoping Matt Cutts will call me. Not because he works on Feedburner, but because he’s at Google and will know who to talk to. Besides, I’m trying to get his attention offline so I can discuss a potential event with him.)

Sorry. Here’s the video.

More to come on Monday as I intend to dive deeper into the analytics behind your blog and content. Until then, play around in Feedburner. Do you see anything new? Tell us about it in the comments.

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