How Small Businesses Can Go Big With Social Media Marketing

by Jason Falls |

It’s no secret to many of you — it-getters in the sense that you at least read Social Media Explorer and are likely bought in — that social media marketing can have a huge impact on your business. But we still see more case studies from major brands playing in the social channels than we do small businesses. With the fact that 44 percent of small businesses don’t even have a website, much less social media efforts, it’s no surprise that there’s a gap between success cases in small versus medium and large businesses.

Small businesses typically face one critical battle when thinking about social media marketing: Time. They don’t have time to think about marketing, much less social media marketing. Often, a small business owners is also the janitor, the store clerk, the accountant, the donut maker and more. Who has time, or energy, after all that, to write blog posts, Tweet or engage with customers on Facebook?

Fortunately, there are smart people out there like Mike Merrill, who spend a good portion of their time thinking about how small businesses can leverage social media marketing in effective and efficient ways. That’s why he’ll be joining our roster of awesome speakers at Explore Dallas-Fort Worth on February 17. (Yes, that’s ONE WEEK FROM THIS FRIDAY!) I caught up with Mike recently to talk about the plight of the small business and what they can do to get social:

You won’t want to miss the business insights Mike has to give at Explore Dallas-Fort Worth. He’ll be speaking there, along with an all-star lineup that includes AT&T’s Chris Baccus, Radio Shack’s Adrian Parker, Zena Weist of Edelman Digital, Tom Webster from Edison Research, Nichole Kelly of Full Frontal ROI, Tim Hayden from 44 Doors, DJ Waldow from Waldow Social and more. The event will also feature a number of excellent software providers and companies to help you navigate the waters of digital marketing. They’ll bring their knowledge to share as well as their products. This is a must-attend event, so register now!

The full day’s content, breakfast, lunch (by Wolfgang Puck Catering) and a cocktail reception is $400, (the video says the first 100 get in for $250, but those sold out already). HOWEVER! Let’s see if you’re paying attention! Register and use the code “ILOVESME” and you’ll get the early-bird price of $250, no matter what! Can’t beat that! Go reserve your spot!

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