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by Jason Falls |

They say great minds think alike. While I don’t claim to be as brilliant as my friend Chris Brogan, there’s something in the water this week. Yesterday, I told you about Exploring Social Media, an online resource for marketing, public relations, social media and online communications. Today, I’m tickled to tell you about Chris’s new project with our mutual buddy Joe Sorge called Kitchen Table Companies.

Like ESM, Kitchen Table Companies is an education community. But this one is for entrepreneurs and small business owners and focuses on all aspects of business — not just marketing. FInance, operations, management, distribution and more are the focal point here. It’s a place for multi-faceted learning about small business ownership and entrepreneurship.

Kitchen Table Companies

Also unlike ESM, Kitchen Table Companies is a six-week, online course with a community underneath. Full membership in the community is $597 for the year. That price includes everything — six week course, webinars, interviews, teleseminars, and ebook and 24/7 access to the community. Knock $100 off the price and get everything plus three months of forum access. The ebook is offered for $97 as a stand-alone product and the monthly forum access only is $47 per month.

Now let me tell you why I know you’ll get value out of this. Chris Brogan does a lot of things, but one thing he does better than anything else (and often better than anybody else) is produce very high-value content. You’re going to learn a ton from him and his experiences as an entrepreneur and business owner. But in my opinion, and I don’ t think Chris would disagree, the big selling point in this whole thing is Joe Sorge. Joe is the man behind social media case study AJ Bombers — a Milwaukee burger institution. He is a small- to medium-sized business owner who has embraced the online world and become a geek like us. But he’s lived and breathed small business outside of the technology bubble. The guy owns restaurants, not web startups.

The practical, real-world advice you’ll get from Joe, and that which Chris can offer too, will be worth far more than a $597 price for one year. Do the math, folks. That’s not a whole lot of money each month to get the level of content and value you’re going to get out of this thing.

Go to and sign up today.

And NO! I don’t get anything if you do. There’s no affiliate link on this page that buys me a cheeseburger. I know Joe and Chris well. I’d recommend this online course and community to anyone seeking help for their small business or entrepreneurial efforts. Period.

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