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Downloading ringtones and wallpapers for your cell phone can be frustrating and costly sometimes. I’ve only downloaded one of each just to see how it all worked. I paid $1.99 or something like that for both, neither of which I really liked because they weren’t mine. (Granted, this was over a year ago, so save the “you’re stupid” comments, please.), however, puts creating ring tones and wallpaper for mobile devices in your hands. Upload images, video or audio files and have custom content sent to your cell phone. This is a valuable service for our the ever-growing customization of our lives. But it can work for brands, too. They even have a special starting point for bands to upload their music to add to their catalog of user-generated ringtones. Pretty cool. And it’s ad supported, so there’s no subscription fee for the end user. Nice.

At a social media breakfast at South by Southwest last week, I had a chance to sit down with Jeff Sass and J.C. Hutchings from Myxer. Hutchings is also the web-celeb author/podcaster (“7th Son”) who was hired recently to help recruit content providers to Myxer.


For more, visit To see exactly how it works, they’ve got a nicely done tutorial here.

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