One Pixel Of Separation With Twist Image’s Mitch Joel
One Pixel Of Separation With Twist Image’s Mitch Joel
by Jason Falls">Jason Falls

There are people I’m a fan of and people I am friends with and then there are the rare combinations of people I’m a fan of who I’m lucky enough to be friends with. Mitch Joel is one of them. The author of the recently released Six Pixels of Separation is also the principal of Twist Image, a cutting edge digital marketing shop with offices in Montreal and Toronto. His book is phenomenal and his thoughts on social media, online advertising, Internet marketing and online engagement place him squarely in the middle of thought leadership in the space.

I caught up with Mitch at Word-of-Mouth Supergenius in Chicago last month and cornered him for a chat for SME-TV.

One Pixel Of Separation From Mitch Joel from Jason Falls on Vimeo.

If you haven’t already, buy Mitch’s book and learn a thing or two about the connective tissue of the web and how we as individuals and brands intertwine there. It’s a brilliant look with some fantastic ideas for you and your business as well. (Amazon link provided.)

Twist Image also features a notable blog and podcast. I was even a recent guest if you need a little entertainment for your drive home.

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