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by Jason Falls |

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of talking to the American Marketing Association’s Louisville chapter about personal branding. I preceded the presentation by saying that while I suppose it’s true I have built a recognizable personal brand of the past two years or so, I haven’t done so with that intention. My focus has been on evangelizing social media, attracting new clients to Doe-Anderson and growing my connections in the social media world. The fact that I’ve build a personal brand in the process is a nice complimentary result.

As such, I had to put some thought into this presentation, probably moreso than others because it was focused on Personal Branding. I guess my buddy Dan Schawbel doesn’t come cheap. Heh. At the request of the crowd, here’s my presentation. For more, visit Dan’s website here or buy his book, Me 2.0, with the handy Amazon thingy on this page.

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