Talking Downloadable Media And Podcasting With Susan Bratton

by Jason Falls |

Susan Bratton of Personal Life Media and I caught up at Blog World & New Media Expo last weekend. She was there promoting the Association for Downloadable Media of which she is vice-chair. It is a professional organization working to solidify advertising standards for downloadable media like podcasts, web-TV shows and the like. We spent a few minutes chatting for an episode of SME-TV.

ADM is yet another example of the current market trend toward formalizing standards and practices relevant to new media. It’s organizations like this that will help better define how businesses and individuals interact and behave online in years to come. If you are a podcaster, video blogger or a brand or advertiser looking for new media advertising opportunities, take some time to look into the Association for Downloadable Media. You’ll not only be better informed on standards and formatting, you just might find a niche content provider whose audience is within your ideal target.

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