Tweetheart TV Shows Off ESM, Future of Video

by Jason Falls |

Stephanie Wonderlin has been doing some great video work lately. She does a web-tv show called Tweetheart TV that showcases her own reviews and takes on the news of the day in the online world. I love what she does because she’s one of those folks out there trying to bridge the gap and make the social media and online world easier for the regular folk to get.

That’s one of the reasons I invited Stephanie to participate in the community at Exploring Social Media. I want the 101 and 201 crowd to be able to find answers as quickly as possible, so having more than me there means I need to ask some others if they’d be involved.

Little did I know that meant I was going to get some awesome pub.

Stephanie features Exploring Social Media in a segment of Tweetheart TV this week. I was flattered and thrilled when I saw it. The second video embedded below is the ESM segment.

But I wanted to show you the future of web-tv and some of what you can do with YouTube and interactive video, too. Watch this first segment … the Tweetheart TV table of contents, if you will, and see how Stephanie (and her producer husband) have made a web-TV show interactive and compelling using clickable links within the video. (Very cool.)

And now for the segment on Exploring Social Media, which is awesomeness.

If you want more from Stephanie, you can subscribe to her YouTube channel and Tweetheart TV. Or you can find her at Exploring Social Media where several of us are hanging out to answer your questions. We’re pumping more content in every week and helping folks figure out answers to their questions about digital marketing.

You can join the community at Exploring Social Media for just $25 per month, billed monthly and you can cancel anytime. If you’d like a sneak peek, check out a couple of lessons in the public area of ESM.

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