Waxing Poetic On Email Marketing

by Jason Falls |

Email Hack
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I probably don’t talk enough about the power and effectiveness of email marketing here. I should do that more often. More and more with clients I find myself recommending email marketing strategies and for a lot of reasons.

The main reason I believe in email and email marketing is that real people still use email as their primary communications method. And by real people, I mean those outside the social media echo chamber. I wax poetic on the subject today over at the Blue Sky Factory blog. For more of my thoughts, pay them a visit.

While you’re there, check out Blue Sky Factory. They are my email service provider (you should subscribe to my newsletter if you haven’t already) and I often recommend them to clients. I do not profit from our relationship at all, though they’ve been known to promote me from time to time. Like asking me to guest post on their blog. Enjoy.

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