Weekend Fun From M&Ms

by Jason Falls |

If I’m not mistaken, M&Ms has offered the ability to put your own face or customized message on a bag of those delicious little chocolate treats for a while now. But the folks there wanted me to let you know it doesn’t stop there. Now, you can put your face on a virtual M&M and animate it.

Check out TheCandyLab.com, a fun, Oddcast-driven little playground for some strange and silly personalized candy fun. The first time I uploaded my picture, it cut off my hair and had one eyeball pointing off in a weird direction. I looked like a bald, yellow Marty Feldman. Once you’re mug is on the candy, move the mouse around and your head becomes animated with the eyes following your mouse around. You can make yourself say things (Yes, I tried making it curse. Doesn’t work.) and even sing, “I want candy,” or, “She blinded me with science.”

If it weren’t for the stroll down memory lane with Kelly LeBrock flashbacks, I might complain about the music selection.

The “Send to a Friend” makes it technically social, but otherwise wouldn’t really qualify for something I’d write about. But it’s M&Ms, it’s a little silly fun and it’s the weekend. Indulge.

And, of course, you can click through to put your pretty face on real M&Ms so, after a few weeks for shipping and delivery, you can eat yourself.

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