What Would You Name Wrigley Field?
What Would You Name Wrigley Field?

Forgive the post about a project and client I’m close to, but this is worth sharing. The Jim Beam Team has dreamed up a Mad Libs-type story generator to help us attract names for our petition to have the Sam Zell and the Tribune Company not sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field. The gist is to come up with the most asinine, funniest or even dumbest corporate name that might grace Wrigley Field should Zell sell the rights. You generate a fake news story with your own comedy writing and send it to friends.

I sent all my Cubs fan friends a headline that said Wrigley would become Liquid Drano Field where playoff hopes get sucked down the drain.

The SaveOurName.com effort is chronicled at http://www.saveourname.com where you can also sign the petition, add the Facebook application to invite your friends to join the list and grab the widget for your blog or profile page of choice. The Wrigley naming petition is part of the Jim Beam, “Here’s To The Stuff Inside,” campaign with which I am involved.

Meanwhile, enjoy this little number.

And kudos to the Beam team, which includes a number of agency partners. The primary ideation and work on this particular component of what we’ve been up to is from the excellent folks at Padilla Speer and Beardsley and Zezza Network.

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