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The early feedback from my Blog World Expo panel, “Putting Social Media In The Newsroom: How Social Media Can Help Traditional Media Maintain Relevance,” is very positive. Of course, few people will tell you it stunk to your face, so we’ll see. The slide show:

My fellow panelists, Jeremy Pepper and Daniel Honigman, were the stars of the show of course. Both a brilliant guys and it was an honor to have them there as our expert opinion leaders.

I would love to hear more feedback on the panel, the topic and so on. Please use the comments section for that below.

The lasting thoughts I challenged everyone to think about, blog about and help start conversations about include:

  • Embrace intelligence of audience – Let us trust our communities can use the tools appropriate. But what are the risks of doing so?
  • Protection for citizen journalists – Where does libel fit in citizen journalism and should traditional media outlets that embrace it extend their protections to their community? (Hat tip to Keith Rhoda for the thought.)
  • Separate and elevate paid staff content – How can we keep trained journalists and their content as the core of media?
  • Prove the business model – How can media outlets use social media content to drive business and solidify the bottom line?
  • Change the advertising model – Cost per click and cost per thousand aren’t sustainable business models. What can media outlets to do engage their audiences with or around advertisers or their products? How do we see cost per engagement or cost per performance models evolving?

I don’t consider these to be statements of fact leading to questions, but just hypothesis to invigorate discussion. I’m excited to see what people have to say about them

Thanks to all who came, Tweeted it and so on. It was fun and I was thrilled to discuss the topic with each of you.

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