What Jason Falls Used To Do On Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

by Jason Falls |

Long before there was a somewhat successful business side of me, there was a modestly successful funny side. Falls, off the Rocker began as a newspaper column, became a blog when the paper fired me for not liking my sense of humor, and I explored several other avenues of trying to be funny. (I did say the success was modest, right?)

One of my writing pursuits took me to The Daily Idea, which was a neat video magazine concept created by Todd Earwood and Rob May in 2007. Todd, now the CEO of TryItLocal, and Rob, now the CEO of Backupify, would probably prefer me not remind people in the business world they once paid me to write borderline dirty jokes for a fledgling Internet TV show, but that’s one of the awesome powers of blogs — I can screw with them forever. Heh.

At any rate, one of our more popular episodes was my man-on-the-street interviews about Thanksgiving. I drudge it up every now and again here to simply give you something fun to watch and say thank you for reading. I’m thankful for you. All of us at SME are. So enjoy this and have a wonderful holiday.

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