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Starting next month, I’m going to publish a newsletter. My hope is that there are a few of you out there who want more than just the blog topics that come to mind for me each week. Plus, there are times when I’m given discount codes to conferences, free copies of books and other items I can make available to my readers. The newsletter gives me the opportunity to reward those who go the extra mile, in a sense.

Eventually, there will be some online events I’m associated with that will be made available exclusively to newsletter subscribers as well, so there will be value in adding your email address to the list, which you can do on my newsletter page or below.

But even the content of the newsletter isn’t mine. It belongs to you. So I’d like for you not only to subscribe, but then tell me in the comments, or by reaching out to me in other ways — Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or email (jason – at – — what I can give you that will make your time with the newsletter well spent. My thought is to include the following:

  • High level perspective on issues ranging from government involvement in social media to implications of acquisitions of tech companies for on-the-ground practitioners.
  • Useful case studies and real-world ideas on how to take your products and services to the social web.
  • Interviews with industry leaders, brand managers and others practicing social media marketing every day.
  • A tool of them month feature with ideas on how you can use it to make your work more effective or efficient.
  • Good stories or jokes if they come to me.

What am I missing? Tell me what will make the newsletter, tentatively titles, “Exploring Social Media,” the best value for your time. The comments are yours.

Oh — and click here or visit my newsletter page to add your name and email address to the list. I promise not to share with anyone without your permission and always respect your privacy. If you fill out the form below, you may have to navigate back to comment. (Forgive me. Nifty JavaScript programming ain’t my forte’.)

Thank you for reading SME. You make my day over and over again. And I appreciate it.

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