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The social media press release is one of my favorite topics. When Maggie Fox, Collin Douma and the crew at Social Media Group released Digital Snippets (TM) back in December, the SMPR became a frequently discussed topic again after a few months of dormancy. The end result of that flurry of interest has been the recent news that the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is leading the charges to try and standardize a format.

I met up with Maggie and Collin at South by Southwest (SXSW) last week to chat about Digital Snippets, SMPRs, the IABC and more.


The standardization effort from the IABC group is worth watching, but a little disconcerting to me. Standardization implies conformity and the output of each effort in the arena of social media press releases, and Digital Snippets for that matter, varies depending upon the audience, intent, client and more. My hope is that the group will not put the SMPR in a box and say, “If it doesn’t fit in there, it’s not right.” Judging by the panel working on the effort, led by friends and leaders in this effort Brian Solis, Chris Heuer and Todd Defren, among others, it’s in good hands.

More information about the social media press release can be found here, here and here. The IABC’s group work will be chronicled here. For more on Digital Snippets, visit them at digitalsnippets.com or learn about the Social Media Group and their work at SocialMediaGroup.ca.

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