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by Jason Falls |

Waggener Edstrom Worldwide is hiring a public relations account director in their Seattle office. They reached out to me with an offer to post an ad for it over there in the sidebar. As we’ve discussed before, I only accept advertising from companies whose product or service is relevant to many of you and I insist those advertisers provide me with some subject for editorial content to accompany the ad as well.

The requirements gave them pause since the folks helping them with the advertising offer weren’t used to this editorial-advertising hybrid, so I decided to help them a bit with the post. It’s part of trying a new model, I guess.

The job description says they are looking for a senior leader for both clients, team and the agency as a whole. It reads like a senior account position and they say relocation funds are available. It seems the position is pointed toward a client or clients in the technology industry as well. If you are a senior level public relations person, you should click the ad here and check it out. Waggener Edstrom is a well-established, reputable agency with a nice roster of clients.

My only concern about the posting is there’s no mention of social media. Either they’re folding the requirements into their talk of strategic planning and, “creative tactical ideas,” or it’s still not something a senior level account director at Waggener Edstrom has primary responsibility for.

Not that this is a reason not to seek the job. It appears to be a very nice opportunity. But, as I’ve said before, social media most appropriately fits into the purview of public relations. At a minimum, PR professionals should be charged with integrating social media tactics and strategies with traditional communications methods.

Perhaps this is a chance for the public relations folks in all of us us to review our job descriptions and see if they fit the new media world.

Is public relations responsible for social media in your organization? Are senior-level managers expected to know and participate in social media strategy and tactics or is it something left to the junior staff members?

Tell us your story. The comments are yours.

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