10 Reasons You Should Come To Blog World & New Media Expo
10 Reasons You Should Come To Blog World & New Media Expo
by Jason Falls
Jason Falls
Jason Falls

One of, if not the, best conferences for social media types on the planet is Blog World & New Media Expo. Rick Calvert and crew have consistently put on a great show with interesting speakers, engaging topics and ample opportunity to network and cross over your connections into industries you never thought possible. (I know several military bloggers. Who’d a thunk it?)

This year’s event is October 15-17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center and the lineup (to be announced soon) is going to help make the event bigger and better than ever before. Last year, I presented several topics as a speaker at Blog World. This year, I wanted to be more involved — if that’s humanly possible. It is.

I’m proud to let you know that I have been asked by Rick, Jim Turner, Dave Cynkin and the rest of the BWE gang to lead the exclusive Social Media Business Summit track at the event. While I will certainly be presenting or serving as a panelist on a few sessions, my responsibility is to help select the topics for each session and find gaps in the offering to fill them with topics that will give attendees a well-rounded learning experience. I’d love to hear your thoughts on what social media for business topics would make you decide to attend. Aside from that, I thought I’d offer 10 reasons you should come this year.
Join the top bloggers and new media experts in the world at BlogWorld Expo 2009

  1. It’s in Las Vegas.
  2. Where else can you get social media learning from Jeremiah Owyang, learn how to leverage mommy bloggers for your business and chat with other industry luminaries in a hallway between sessions?
  3. This year, we’re trying to bring agencies, brands and more practical case studies of social media success to the table. There will be lots of learning for everyone.
  4. Where else might you spot Robert Scoble table dancing? (He made me delete the picture. Sorry.)
  5. I’m not sure if they’re doing it again yet, but when companies like Zappos throw parties at the conference you’re attending, you know you’re in the right place.
  6. Limo rides with Coach Deb, Liz Strauss and David Bullock.
  7. Chris Brogan and I kick off the conference with a Thursday night visit to Fat Tuesdays — a geeky little mall bar in Planet Hollywood that seats about eight people — to visit my college buddy Biff. Last year, 50 people showed up. This year, you’re invited, too.
  8. Impromptu flag football games between the sports bloggers and military bloggers in the exhibition hall.
  9. The other big, Las Vegas event charges you a $10,000 entry fee.
  10. Jeremy Wright, Muhammed Saleem, Colleen Coplick, Jeremy Tanner, Reem Abeidoh and I will reunite for WangCon II – Return of the Stiff.

Okay, some of those include some inside jokes, but Blog World is one of those events you want to go to so you get them. It’s a blast. I hope to see you there.

So, click the ad here or on the sidebar and register. Follow developing news and announcements about speakers and keynotes on the Blog World Expo blog. You can also follow Rick Calvert, Blog World’s CEO, on Twitter.

See you in Las Vegas!