10 Steps to Publishing a Social Media Post
10 Steps to Publishing a Social Media Post
by Jason Spooner">Jason Spooner

How to publish a social media post in 10 steps. As told through GIFS.

1. You get an idea for a social media post.

2. You research the idea to see if it may hold water.

3. You determine which social media platform is the best fit for your new post.


4. You create whatever’s necessary to bring your post to life (images, words, videos)

5. You spellcheck everything… 100 times.


6. You publish the post!


7. You monitor the campaign.


8. You review the post’s performance.


9. You celebrate an awesome post with a big party.


10. You start planning for the next post.


What steps does your company take when publishing on social media? Leave a comment and join the discussion.