26 Twitter Strategy Tips And Tricks
26 Keys to Twitter Success
26 Keys to Twitter Success

Have you ever wondered why some folks succeed on Twitter and others don’t? Rather than trying to convince individuals to give Twitter a whirl, I have had more luck just teaching them the lessons necessary for their success.

Here are a few key lessons that I share. Take a peek, and let me know what you are teaching to your community, business, or organization to ensure their success.

    1. Active – Many folks give up on Twitter way too early! Actively participating, even when you don’t fully get it, is the only way Twitter will make sense.This means being active both as a listener and as “Tweeter”.
    2. Be Honest – Share what you know, share what you don’t, ask for what you need, and give what you promise. The more transparent and authentic you are, the more respect you will get.
    3. Click – Click before you tweet – there is nothing that frustrates more than a fantastic link to a post or resource that does not work. A simple”click and check” can save a lot of retweeting.
    4. Don’t Worry! – Many new Tweeters worry about things like:  Will I get followers?  Will someone like/ not like what I say?  What if no one responds? …. don’t worry. There is no one right way to Twitter. Discovering what works best is a lot trail and error. Be yourself. Have fun. Be open to learning from others, and you will do just fine!
    5. Encourage – Some of my lowest days have been lifted up in seconds by my Twitter friends. In 140 characters we can turn someones day around, encouraging them to smile, get well, or make it through the day knowing someone is routing for their success.
    6. Follow Wisely – With new Twitter tools coming out daily, there is no reason to fret over who to follow. Some of my favorite ways to find and connect with new followers are Mr. Tweet , Twellow.
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  1. Global Connections – Twitter is a fantastic space where we are not bound by time or geography. Twitter allows us to connect with a next door neighbor or find a a new friend half a world away! How incredible is that!
  2. HABITUDES! Twitter is the tool, but your habits and attitudes…your Habitudes as a learner will carry you the distance. Stay curious, use your imagination, ask provocative questions, persevere, and stay open minded and adaptable as new ideas come your way.
  3. Ignite Dialogue – Enjoy the conversation, but carry it past the 140 characters. Challenge your friends and colleagues  to “take it to their blog”  or share the conversation with another. The more the merrier!
  4. Jump into the Fray – Don’t be afraid to reply or retweet someone who you don’t follow or is known as an “A-Lister“. The ground is level here! Right, @guykawasaki , @chrisbrogan, @JasonFalls??
  5. Kindness – I call it Twitetiquette- it involves saying please, thank you, your welcome, I’m sorry,and really meaning it!
  6. Listen – Listening to the conversation is more important to your Twitter success than the number of tweets you write. When you listen carefully, you find out what people need, what they wondering about, what has them excited, or what has them down. After listening you are ready to respond in purposeful and meaningful ways.
  7. Manage Yourself – Twitter can be addictive.  It is easy to get lost and distracted. (Trust me on this one!) Set a time each day or an amount each week that works for you. Having a Twitter Engagement Formula helps!  I encourage you to create one today!
  8. Name – Yours. Not SnookyOokums2 or TchScienceCA.  Your Name and face matter. People want to know who they are talking to; the real you!  (By the way, you can follow me at AngelaMaiers on Twitter.)
  9. Outside Your Field – When I first started, I only followed folks in “my field”. My conversation is richer and my perspective wider because I stepped outside my field. Now. I follow marketers, parents, web developers, scientists,…anyone who brings a new dimension to my learning and the conversation.
  10. Proclaim – Don’t be shy about proclaiming the accomplishments of others. Twitter is not about self promotion but rather the promotion of all who can make the conversation better, ReTweeting, sharing links, and pointing your followers to others they may not yet know about adds value to the entire experience.
  11. Question – ask questions continuously. Of yourself, of others. When the questions stop-learning ceases.
  12. Relationships – That is what Twitter is there for. Twitter is a tool that creates relationships and conversation-using it for anything else would be devaluing the system.
  13. Start Now I have said it before, if you are not Twittering-you should be!  The benefits far outway any “Yeah-But’s” You will never experience the full power of the Twitter network until you Start!
  14. Tweet with purpose – Think not only about who you are engaging with but how you wish to engage. Having a purpose in mind, allows you to maximize your time and efficiency on Twitter.
  15. Unlimited Potential – In the Twittersphere the sky isn’tt even the limit-just follow the @marsphoenix and you’ll see what I mean!
  16. Visualize your PLN- (Personal Learning Network) –Take some time to look at your followers. These are the folks that take time our of their busy days to stop in a hear what you have to say – don’t lose sight of how magnificent this really is!
  17. Wise – Be wise, or as my friend Liz Strauss would say: understand that the Internet is public and has no eraser.
  18. X-tra Efforts Matter. A quick DM to tell a new follower thank you, or a simple message sent to a Twitter friend you have not seen in a while says a lot about how important connections are to you. These extra efforts don’t take long, but mean the world as you are building and sustaining your network.
  19. You! Your followers expect to hear form you, They value your transparency, your generosity, your graciousness, and your honesty. Build these attributes into your Tweets, and your followers will come!
  20. Zweeeet! This is the feeling that comes when you have followed the 26 Keys to achieving Twitter success!

So, what are your keys to Twitter Success? What is missing? What would you add?

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