Are You Playing The Social Media Game To Win?

by Jason Falls |

I’ve developed an addiction to a silly iPhone game called Block-Off. It’s one of those dumb block removal games where, if you find two or more blocks of the same color connected to one another, you tap them and they disappear, realigning the columns. The various opportunities to remove similar blocks, depending upon the arrangement, makes it difficult to “clear the board” which you naturally think is the ultimate performance.

But the more you play the game, the more you realize that clearing the board does little for you. Yes, you get a “Well Done!” pronouncement from the app and a few bonus points to your overall score (accumulated in various increments depending upon how many of each color you remove at a time), but clearing the board is not the point of the game.

Block Off Screen ShotBlock-Off ranks its players by highest score, not tiles cleared. In order to be No. 1 on the list of high scores at the hardest level, you would need to accumulate a high score of about 120. But if you get a good layout to begin with and can maneuver so that you remove 10 or more of one color at once, you can score 120 or more but immediately lose the game because there are no more matching tiles adjacent to one another.

My son and I play the game against each other every so often. He tries to clear the board. I try to accumulate the highest score by arranging the board so I remove more consecutive colored blocks at once.

It occurred to me that social media measurement and social media ROI have essentially become a big game of Block-Off. Everyone is out there trying to accumulate the most Facebook fans, blog comments or e-newsletter subscribers. But none of those are the point. To make the high score list, you have to connect with the right audience, not the largest audience, then drive them to do become a customer.

Stop playing the game like my five-year-old. Think about what it takes to win, then go do it.

So, what does a win look like to you? The comments are yours.

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