Awareness Turns Facebook Into An Acquisition Channel

by Jason Falls |

Wouldn’t you like to capture the email addresses, locations and even work history of your Facebook fans? It appears that Awareness has built functionality that allows you to do just that, so long as the Facebook fan says it’s okay. With it’s new Facebook campaign and tab management feature, Awareness has built in the ability to deliver content (coupons, white papers or other content) with calls to action on Facebook landing pages or tabs, but have the user agree to share certain private data in order to receive it.

Mind you, the user has to want the content bad enough to agree to surrender their email address, birthday, location or whatever other information your company requests. But the functionality is no different than offering up required fields when having them sign up for a download or event. The only exception is that by pulling that data from Facebook, the user won’t have the option to fill in false information. That’s good for your company.

Before the privacy zealots go crazy, keep in mind this functionality is built with user control and choice in mind. Awareness isn’t doing anything shifty, only saying, “If you want the coupon bad enough, we need your email address.” That’s been a common practice of companies everywhere for  years. If the individual doesn’t want to share their data, they don’t have to download the content.

Of course, you as the company using Awareness’s platform also have the opportunity to not ask for personal information when providing that content, too. So it works for whatever your situation dictates.

And Awareness’s Social Marketing Hub software doesn’t just store that data in its own system. Once the user has volunteered it, the data can be passed and synched directly into or any other CRM system. For Awareness specifically, they ask for an email address and some other information, deliver the white paper to the fan, then take the information into Salesforce. Depending upon that user’s other social interactions with the company, their email marketing system (Marketo) then triggers welcome emails, related offers or even an invite to demo the software.

Awareness Facebook Campaign Settings

The functionality allows Awareness (or your company if you’re using Awareness) to have more relevant information about your prospects, including robust information from their social activity, before reaching out or making marketing decisions around them.

I’ve said before we’re about to enter the Age of Relevancy in social media marketing. This is another example of how that is happening on the ground level. Software systems like Awareness are making it easier for us to deliver the right message to the right audience in the right place and at the right time. We’re bound to get more efficient in the process.

Awareness is a robust social media management system that serves mostly medium- to large-businesss.

Disclosure: Awareness is a former sponsor of Social Media Explorer events. They are not, however, currently a consulting client.

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