Best Of Social Media Explorer: January

by Jason Falls |

Alas, the first month of the year is behind us and, yes, there’s still a football game or two to be played. Well, it’s better than hockey playoffs in June and the NBA Finals in July.

In an effort to better catalog the most useful posts offered up here on Social Media Explorer, here’s a list of last month’s top trafficked offerings:

  1. New Version Of Social Media Release Lacks Essentials
  2. Google Conspiracy Theory New Search Marketer Tactic
  3. Making Waves In Social Media
  4. New Social Bookmarking Submission Tool Worth Trying
  5. Holy Fark! Drew Curtis On Fark, Digg, Alexa & More
  6. Cool Benefits Of Social Networking
  7. How To Build Brand Communities
  8. Exploring Social Media Measurement: Radian6
  9. Changing The Election: Social Media Voting
  10. Is Arthur Page PR Manifesto Hope Or Hype?

And it’s been two months since we’ve had a check of the web stats and factors of influence for Social Media Explorer, so here’s a look see. December’s jump in several numbers is likely attributed to Jeremiah Owyang’s Twitter Explosion. The factors I’m most happy with are the number of comments per post is increasing (5.9 for the month of January) and the Technorati authority, which means more folks are linking to me.

Social Media Explorer January Influence Chart

What factors of influence to you find most important?

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