Bloggers Get SOBCon2008 Scoop From Liz Strauss
Bloggers Get SOBCon2008 Scoop From Liz Strauss

Bloggers everywhere worship Liz Strauss. She is arguably the top blogger, business or otherwise, out there. One of the great things about Liz is her genuine interest in giving back. She not only awards SOB honors (Successful and Outstanding Bloggers, not the other acronym) to those who demonstrate an ability to engage an audience, but she puts on one of the best blogging conferences on the planet.

I caught up with Liz at South by Southwest (SXSW) to talk about SOBCon2008 in Chicago, May 2-4. Be sure to pay close attention to her description of the format, which is a unique and engaging offering for those in attendance. And the speakers aren’t the only attraction. SOBCon attracts many of the top bloggers in the world as attendees. You can’t come to this thing and not learn a lot about blogging, business and more.

And our apologies for the background noise. Truckers don’t slow down for web TV shows filming on the third floor of a nearby building.


For more on SOBCON2008, check out To register, click here. And if you’re not subscribing to Liz’s blog, stop what you’re doing right now and go do that. It’s at

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25 thoughts on “Bloggers Get SOBCon2008 Scoop From Liz Strauss

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  2. Wow … thanks to all of you for the comments. Mobi – I appreciate your Stumbles and am happy to have reciprocated.

    Joanna – Thank you! My wife is due May 6, so I’m not likely to make it, but that’s still a couple months away and we’ll see.

    Char – Totally agree. I hope a lot of folks see the video and know this is a great opportunity to learn and network.

    Kevin – I share and share alike, so share the video or post with anyone and everyone! Thank you so much!

  3. Loved the interview – the truck added to the ambiance. I am hoping to be at SOBCon because there is no other place you will have such great opportunities to network with some of the smartest bloggers out there.

    Plus, Liz is so cool!

  4. Jason, your a funny guy..Thank You

    I just wanted to let you know, I think this podcasting your doing is fantastic. Even a loose as a goose interview with liz, was worth viewing in this medium. Liz, is a lovely lady and I wish her honest self, great success..

    Jason Keep On Truckin!


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