Calgoo Brings Permission-Based Advertising To Your Calendar

by Jason Falls |

As if consumers need another place to see ads, a tool called Calgoo is now offering the world’s first in-calendar marketing platform that will essentially put advertiser’s messages for events, sales and so on right there on your calendar. But hold on! While the tone of that sentence might lead you to believe it’s just another spammy thing, look a little farther. The platform is a permission-based, opt-in only program that enables consumers to have better notifications of time-sensitive products or services. While it’s like email marketing, the notices appear on your calendar, so you get notifications like you would appointments.

Andrzej Kowalksi, the CEO of Calgoo, says, “The platform delivers marketing offers as embedded calendar events into electronic calendars. As these time-based offers are placed in a medium where the customer makes their scheduling decisions every day, the marketing offer is timely, relevant, and acted upon. For example, a retailer sends a notice of a weekend sale with a coupon or a travel supplier creates live calendar feeds with last minute travel deals. Marketers now have a new method to engage their customers while building loyalty and driving sales. In-Calendar Marketing is a great complement for marketers engaged in email campaigns to an existing subscriber list or loyalty customers.”

Browsing their site yesterday, the things that intrigued me were:

  • eBay auction notices on your calendar via bidCal which I assume will sync and work with the new platform
  • A free desktop calendar that can be synced with others.
  • A simple company blog that traces the thinking behind it.

The platform launches today and can be found at

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