Collaborate With Me On Collaboration
Collaborate With Me On Collaboration
by Jason Falls">Jason Falls

Collaboration, though vague in definition, seems to be one of the more powerful end results of successful social media efforts. Whether it’s collaborating internally to improve business processes and efficiencies or gang-tackling a product improvement with your own customers, social media tools seem to tear down silos and connect people across disciplines for the betterment of the company.

I’ve been asked to participate in a live web-TV show next week on collaboration for BusinessWeek. New Tools for Collaboration – Best Practices for Building a Competitive Advantage will be the subject of BusinessWeek’s live video webinar on Thursday, March 18 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT. I’ll join Bloomberg BusinessWeek Assistant Managing Editor Jim Ellis and fellow panelists Harry McCracken of the Technologizer blog and Richard Migliori, EVP and Chief Medical Officer at UnitedHealth Group for a live discussion of the world of collaborative software and practices.

While I have plenty to say on the topic, I’d love to take your ideas and examples to BusinessWeek’s program. Please jump in the comments below and tell me how your company or business uses collaborative software. What platforms and programs to you use to improve internal workflow? What examples of collaborating with external audiences can you share? How has the use of the tools and principles of collaboration improved or changed how you do business?The discussion will certainly enlighten and inform the readers and fellow commentors here. And the best examples will probably percolate to the BusinessWeek discussion next week.

Tell me your collaboration story below. Then go register for the BusinessWeek live event. Doing so means you’re collaborating with me to talk about collaborating. Now that’s pretty cool.

The comments are yours.