Content Marketing Is About More Than Your Blog
Content Marketing Is About More Than Your Blog
by Jason Falls

When it comes to content marketing, everyone is trying to get it right, but few are really using a good content strategy to build their audiences. Simply sending out a few tweets and Facebook updates isn’t enough. On March 24th at 2 p.m. EST, I’ll be joining Awareness Networks for a free webinar on What No One is Telling You About Your Content Strategy. This webinar is designed to help you use great content to deliver value to different audiences, including audiences on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, and more. By tuning in, you will:

  • Learn how to approach content strategically
  • Be armed with a list of questions to ask to begin developing a content strategy
  • Learn how various social channels require different content
  • See how one traditional content element can become many
  • See select examples of how social content strategy can drive better engagement and returns

Register at the Awareness website (it’s free!), and learn how to build different content for different channels of communication.

Now you can help me prep for the webinar a bit. Jump in the comments and tell me what you are doing with your content. Are  you taking one piece and repurposing it on various channels? Are you distributing links to drive folks back to the blog or main content? What’s your content process and how is it working for you?

The comments are yours.