Dear Executive …
Dear Executive …

Dear corporate executive,

You’re skeptical about social media marketing and social technologies. I get that. You’re also focused on the bottom line and keep asking the question, “What’s our ROI?” And I understand why.

But doing so is like waking up every morning, rolling over to look at your wife (or husband) and saying, “What? You haven’t produced a child yet? We’re going to have to re-think this.”

There’s more to marriage than children. There’s more to business than quarterly revenue.

Food for thought.

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  • What amazes me is they will waste a couple hundred dollars on Christmas decorations but not send someone to a half day training for same amount DUH, mixed priorities.

  • Jason, I can totally understand the need to measure results. The more marketers can show positive ROI, the more willing senior management and boards will allocate to marketing. I do agree that some marketing tactics are harder to track, but social media and online channels are much easier than older traditional channels.

  • Funny post but it certainly makes a point. Sad how a lot of businesses seem fixated on ROI.