Digg Adds Images, New Categories
Digg Adds Images, New Categories

Digg will unveil an images section as well as a few new categories tonight according to a Digg blog post by Kevin Rose. The submission of images will include a crawler that presents up to 10 images from the page for you to choose from.

DiggThe new topics include “Offbeat” and a new “Lifestyle” categorie including food, drink and travel.

Nice bell and whistle addition to the site, seeing how Mixx and others are digging at the motherload’s audience.

Now if we could just get Kevin and his merry band of Digg clones to realize there are a couple hundred more categories we need more so than “offbeat” like, say, “Social Media” or “Blogs/Blogging” or anything having to do with the Internet that isn’t programming or development related. “Industry News” just won’t do.

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  • G~ — Agreed. The images addition is cool and will help Digg diversify their appeal. They could use some work on their categories, though.

    Thanks for stopping by (and for the cool Stumbles).

  • Jason,

    I posted early this morning and thought I was seeing things. I see the addition of images in digg.. I think its pretty cool cause im thinking its a little extra branding for the post by associated image or even perhaps my own Icon that i use in most of the social networks.. So im stoked about it..but I always say well see.. lol

    Good Post… G~