Exploring Social Media Measurement: Radian6

by Jason Falls |

My recent trip to Canada offered me the opportunity to sit down and learn about one of the fastest growing social media measurement firms on the market, Radian6. In an effort to share some insight into them, I visited with CEO Marcel Lebrun for this little video to show you more about them.


I found Radian6 through Twitter as David Alston, their VP of Marketing, who messaged me when mentioning social media measurement. They’re growing fast and for good reasons: A good product and great people working on it.

And in an effort of disclosure and fairness, Radian6 is the measurement firm we chose for one of our clients, so there is a professional relationship between them and my agency. My hope, however, for the purposes of SocialMediaExplorer.com, is that I will pay similar visits to or with other interested measurement firms. (If yours is interested, let’s work out the logistics!)

CREDITS: Thanks to David Alston for doing the camera work. (I don’t have a Scobel schlep yet.)

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