Infographic Says You Should Pay Attention to Your Facebook Profile Photo
Infographic Says You Should Pay Attention to Your Facebook Profile Photo
by Nichole Kelly">Nichole Kelly

Have you ever sat down and thought about your profile photo on Facebook? Apparently a whole slew of us have. This infographic takes a look at how often consumers update their profile photos on Facebook and it is clear…they do it A LOT! And women are doing it more than men. Is it because we are more vain? Possibly.

What does this mean for businesses running Fan Pages targeted to consumers? I think there are two important points to walk away with.

  • The profile photo for the fan page should not remain stagnant. Don’t set it and forget it. Keep it interesting and update it often preferably with purpose and a meaning fans will understand. Updating it to just say you updated it isn’t going to help.
  • Build a strategy around photo sharing with your fans. Obviously people are taking a lot of photos likely driven by the higher quality of images our smart phones now take. Take advantage of it and engage your fans to tag photos that are relevant to your page. What is crystal clear is your fans are interested in taking photos. If you executed a strategy around getting user generated photos on your page that didn’t take off…it isn’t them…it’s YOU. Obviously you didn’t do something interesting enough to get their attention. Think about how you can you get your fans to update their profile photo in a way that tells their friends they support your brand.

How Important is Your Facebook Fan Page Profile Photo

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