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Another large file hosting and transfer service popped up recently. My friend Jay has started which offers free file hosting and/or transfer up to five gigabytes (5GB). By signing up for a small subscription fee, you can jack that up to 50 gigs ($5 per month) or a ridiculous 250 gigs ($10 month). Certainly, the average web user wouldn’t have a whole lot of use for the bigger-is-better service unless they’re swapping entire DVDs, but this service could be particularly useful for engineers, architects, game developers and artists who work in large files. - Free File HostingJay, who is a digital colleague – someone I’ve met online doing this social media and networking thing, and I chat via IM most often. He said he developed the site because RapidShare and MegaUpload host files but either drill ads at you or generally have a bad user experience. He saw a need for large file hosting and transfer and built the service so folks could get away from the interruption and still host large files.

It’s a perfect example of someone seeing a need in the online space and filling it. He’s using the economy of free, giving away up to 5GB uploads, to entice those who might be interested in larger files to pay a small fee. Good for him. And for us.

I tried it out and noticed better upload/download times (potentially effected by your connection speed, sure) that I normally get. from SendSpace. That site is strong, but limits you to 300MB on the free end. Guess now I can send my Fridays With Falls videos to Todd Earwood in high definition .AVI files. Heh.

Check out and let us know what you think in the comments. Jay has already taken the advice from reviews at LifeHacker and others to improve the service. He wants to make it better, so will be checking the comments for your feedback.

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