Get Ready For Firefly Funnel Cake Fandango!
Get Ready For Firefly Funnel Cake Fandango!
by Jason Falls

Some of you know my dad, Chillie Falls, owns a funnel cake trailer. He even blogs about his adventures selling cakes all over Virginia and elsewhere. You also probably know that I’ve been known to put on a party or two in my time. And yeah, sometimes they sound like an odd combination of locations and themes, but we always wind up blowing the roof off the joint.

When Dad joined Twitter and started chatting with all the freaks and geeks in Internetland, he said, “I’d love to go to one of these conferences and meet all these folks.” Well, get ready, Dad.

Big Red, Dad and I are road trippin’ it to Austin, Texas, to bring Firefly Funnel Cake Fandango to South by Southwest. But we’re stopping along the way to make sure as many people as possible get some of that Funnel Cake Fandango magic. Make sure to follow the action on Dad’s blog where we’ll be posting video diaries of the fun … which may wind up NSFW, so ease up in the cubicle farms, if you know what I mean.

Big Red Funnel Cake TrailerEach night, Dad will pull Big Red up to an exclusive location and serve funnel cakes to anyone willing to buy. Firefly Vodka thought the trip was a cool idea and is sponsoring our shenanigans, too. Drink specials will be had, my friends. (Not to mention, Dad’s been working on a special Firefly Vodka funnel cake glaze. So much for my diet, right?)

We’re stopping at three exclusive locations en route and we want you to join us for a Firefly Funnel Cake Fandango FEEDUP:

Tuesday, March 9
Nashville, TennesseeCorner Pub, 2000 Broadway


Wednesday, March 10
Little Rock, ArkansasBig Whiskeys – 225 E. Markham Street


Thursday, March 11
Dallas, TexasBlack Finn’s – 4440 Beltline Road – Addison


The trip culminates with our opening night in Austin, Friday, March 12, for the official Firefly Funnel Cake Fandango at Molotov on West Sixth. Check out the RSVP page on Eventbrite. Social Media Explorer and Blue Clover Studios join forces with Firefly Vodka to put on a regular hootenanny. Come see some killer augmented reality, taste test (or just taste … or test) Firefly Vodka, get one of Dad’s famous funnel cakes (special ones have the Firefly glaze) and hang with some cool cats.

Austin is nuts and parties abound on Friday night. But it doesn’t take much to swing by for a funnel cake! We’ll be there from 8:30 until 1 … or so.

Nashville … Little Rock … Dallas … Austin … We can’t wait to hang with ya. Come see Dad, me, get a funnel cake and try some Firefly. Oh … and drink responsibly. See you soon.