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David Finch
David Finch

Within the past week, Facebook has rolled out their latest redesign. While at first I wasn’t sure if I cared for the new format, after a week of using it, I’m really starting to like it. As a matter of fact, I like it better then any of the previous designs.

The most noticeable change is the filters and the real-time news feed. Being able to monitor these steams of text, photos and videos by the filters I have setup has been extremely useful. Being able to separate my friends by geography, niche, family etc. I am now finding Facebook more easy to use.

Facebook Redesign

A Simple Networking Strategy Using Social Media Tools
After experimenting with the new Facebook redesign, I began to mentally map out a simple networking strategy. With just a little bit of effort, I could maximize these new features to intentionally connect with the “friends” I currently have as well as all the new “friends” that will be added. With a plan and a little consistency, the possibilities seem that they are obtainable.

Here’s my simple strategy on how I can optimize the current social media channels that I’m a part of. I broke the strategy down into four groups:

Who I Know
This group represents people that I’m interacting with on a regular basis. While this group doesn’t need constant attention, it does require a “tweet” or “wall-to-wall” message, or even an email. Goal: 1-2 people a day

Who I Need to Know
This group represents individuals within my circle of interests that I need to be introduced to or individuals I’m already “friends” with that I need to connect with. Goal: 2-3 people a day

Who I Want to Know
These individuals are people that I have no contact or connection with, but want to know. This list of individuals should have constant motion – new names added and then after there has been an introduction, they should be added to one of the other lists. Goal: 1 a week, but am aware that this is more organic then task driven.

Who I Want to Reconnect With
This group represents old colleagues, people I went to school with, or friends that I’ve lost contact with. These are individuals that I use Facebook search and Twitter search to locate their profiles. This group is the people that I’ve been connected to, but because of circumstances have lost contact with. Goal: 2-4 a week

I know this may seem a bit mechanical, but what would happen if you intentionally tried to connect with 5-7 people you are already “friends” with on different social media channels? What nugget of value could you offer? Are you intentional about your social media involvement?

Leave a comment. I would love to hear your feedback.

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