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by Jason Falls |

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about agency life it’s that you’re always evolving. Doe-Anderson has gone through several evolutions in its interactive department since I started here just two and a half years ago. While my efforts in social media touch the interactive department and are often seen as a peripheral function of it, I came from the PR world and was considered outside the tech curtain.

On Monday of this week, I was asked to lead the interactive department at Doe. The challenge to make the integrated interactive model work at our agency is all I needed to say, “yes.” I do love a good challenge.

I can’t do it alone and we have some positions open. If you’re a senior web developer or senior application developer (two positions … one front-end, one back-end) who can develop dynamite websites and/or applications and help develop dynamite web developers working with you, go read our job posting and reach out to me. I want someone who can help me establish best practices in compliant design and development, dynamic and content-centric websites, project management, internal systems, quality assurance and help keep Doe Interactive’s web design and programming at or beyond the best in the industry.

I’ll also be bringing on a third social media manager to work along side Kat French and me. This person will develop content strategies, facilitate listening and conversations for our brands, help devise e-mail marketing, SEO and pay-per-click campaigns and other on-line communications strategies for our clients. I need someone detail-oriented and organized. And, like my job posting when we hired Kat, if you’re not active in the social media space already, you need not apply. For more, see our job posting here.

Finally, with all the work we have and will continue to bring to the table, I need a task-master project manager to shepherd work, interface with clients and client services and help connect the Interactive team with our creatives and client services folks to ensure we truly remain an integrated agency. This individual will be detail oriented and a committed, hard worker instrumental in the success of every project we touch.

Now, the elephant in the room is that Jason Falls is a PR guy, not a developer or IT manager. That’s true. But what this says about Doe-Anderson, in my opinion, is that we know and understand that a website is not something your company or brand can just check off on your list of marketing things to have. We know that the online space offers unprecedented reach and opportunity for your brand. What companies need is an approach that tackles interactive or digital marketing or whatever you want to call it as a strategic effort in online communications.

We will continue our established best practices of building websites and web-based applications by taking each client through a thorough diagnostic process to pinpoint exactly what the goal of their website or online activities are. We will work back from those goals and develop a user experience that will not only engage the intended audiences, but deliver the intended payoff. When we can’t do something, we’ll say so, then we’ll go find a partner who can. But our intent is to have the internal resources to meet the ever-growing interactive needs of our current and future clients.

We will be transparent in our work. We will be honest to a fault. We will always strive for perfection.

And, though fun has to be at the heart of who we are and what we do, we will work our asses off.

So if you want to be a part of that kind of place and join me in a true collaborative effort to lead Doe Interactive, read the job posting and apply. I’ve never been more excited to see resumes as I am now.

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