INFOGRAPHIC: The Science Of Blogging
INFOGRAPHIC: The Science Of Blogging
by Jason Falls

Social media mad scientist Dan Zarrella is at it again. Dan has the coolest job in social media, in my opinion. HubSpot pays him to research metrics behind everything. He’s done scientific analysis of Tweets, presentations and more. On Thursday, he’s presenting a free webinar on The Science Of Blogging which I’m sure will give you a dozen or more nuggets of information that will make your blog better, or at least more effective. Go sign up and do the webinar. You’ll learn something. And it’s free. Can’t beat that.

To help motivate me to share the webinar here as opposed to Twitter, Dan gave me a sneak peek at some insights you’ll learn (and learn more about) in the webinar with a handy Infographic on blogging:

The Science of Blogging - From HubSpot and Dan Zarrella

The numbers resonate with me, particularly the fact that 79 percent of folks read blogs in the morning. My early testing of shares of content on Twitter and Facebook show a higher rate of clicks in the morning hours. (Hint: Shoot for about 10:30 a.m. ET for the best chance people will click a link you drop on Twitter.) I’m sure there will be more tidbits we can take away from Dan’s talk. See you there!