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by Jason Falls |

Dave Delaney , who might be one of the best people on the planet, emailed me a couple of weeks ago and told me he had selected me as one of the 18 Hot Men of Twitter. I proceeded to inform Dave that A) I’m both married and hetero and B) Not David Armano.

Then he told me the concept was a calendar to raise money for charity and it was playful fun.

For a good three days I was depressed that “hot” was meant sarcastically.

Nevertheless, I’m Mr. April 2010. Go buy one of these bad boys. Surely you don’t have your 2010 calendar yet and this one features perfectly “hawt” cewebrities like Ford’s Scott Monty, Lee LeFever of CommonCraft, mobile wiz and apparent Baywatch fan Jeff Sass, comedian/Onion dude Baratunte and my choice for King of all Geeks, Chris Pirillo, whose calendar pose may make you lose your lunch, but is fun nonetheless.

CLICK HERE to go check it out and buy on Zazzle (the gracious sponsor of the deal).

The proceeds go to which funnels money and supplies to U.S. classrooms in need, so you’re helping make the next generations of Americans smart enough to blog and hock Hot Men of Twitter calendars for charity.

Humor me and raise money for a good cause. You need a calendar. Why not one with really grotesquely sexy men on it? Heh.

And you can even vote for your hottest man here. (I deserve WAY more votes than this, folks. C’mon. I got the eyebrow thing!)

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