Job Searching With Social Media
Job Searching With Social Media
by Jason Falls
Jason Falls
Jason Falls

Thursday morning, I had the honor of appearing on the WHAS-TV morning show here in Louisville to join Andy Treinen and Rachel Platt to talk about how social networking and social media can help people find and better position themselves for jobs in a difficult economy. It’s exciting to see the local media getting interested in and excited about covering social media.

As indicated on the segments, I’ve compiled a list of links to the sites I talked about, plus several interesting articles for WHAS viewers to read that should help them get a handle on leveraging social media in their job search. If you’re a first-time visitor to Social Media Explorer and saw me on WHAS, thanks for stopping by. Please subscribe to the RSS feed and stay updated on this blog. If you don’t quite know what RSS feeds are, watch this video. It will make your web surfing experience a lot easier. Oh, and scroll down and read through comments. My readers are pretty smart and will add links and other ideas that might help.

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And you may also want to visit and subscribe to the Social Media Club Louisville’s blog here to keep updated on events we have going on this spring.

If you’re a regular here, thanks for coming back. Please drop links to other good job post advice and articles, or leave your own advice for folks below.

Sites Mentioned




SimplyHired (Reference point resource for negotiating salaries) (Mike Campbell’s CPA expertise site)

Other articles you might find interesting or useful

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Ten Ways To Use LinkedIn To Find A Job – from Guy Kawasaki

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How Blogging And Social Networking Can Impact Your Job Search – from

7 Secrets To Getting Your Next Job Using Social Media – from Dan Schawbel and Mashable

Free eBook – Using The Social Web To Find Work – an e-book from Chris Brogan

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