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by Jason Falls |

Anyone who has snooped around the social media space in the last year or so knows Chris Brogan is perhaps the master of conversation. He has begun one today that may out-do his previous efforts in this regard.

Raise Your HandBrogan has dedicated his next 100 posts to the following admirable and value-giving task:

“I will dedicate my next 100 posts to a specific mission: helping you grow the value of your social media and social networking efforts. I will post specific strategies, tactics, tips, and resources to help you develop your skills and abilities in these areas, particularly insofar as these might help you develop your personal brand, build business for yourself or your organization, or otherwise perhaps be helpful to what interests you.”

What’s really cool about Chris is that, if you’ve met him, you know this is just the type of person he is. He’s a giver. If we were all like him, the world would be a better place.

But Chris isn’t sitting on a social media throne being all high and mighty. He’s asking for your participation, too. He wants your input. He wants guest writers. And he wants you to share the 100 Posts news with your friends. The more the merrier. So raise your hand and join in.

See, Chris is an influencer. No, Chris is an uber-influencer. He’s earned that standing because he not only gives, he gives knowledge, advice and nuggets of value to the community interested in social media. As such, he’s developed a fine following. Now, as he focuses his intent on giving back to his audience, we’re confident his posts and those of the guests he invites will absolutely deliver on his promise. Go to now and often. We’ll all be better social media users and strategists as a result.

IMAGE: “Raise Your Hand” by romainguy on Flickr.

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