LeadVine Is Crowdsourcing For Business Leads

by Jason Falls |

My friend Ben Thomas is pretty smart. Founder of SalaryScout.com, PoliticalCrunch.com, Macmeter.com and the first true social media group in Louisville — LouisvilleGeekDinner.com — Ben says he likes to, “make stuff.” He makes some pretty good stuff.

LeadVine - Community Generated Sales LeadsA little over a week ago, Ben launched a new venture that puts a social media spin on both generating and responding to business leads. It’s called LeadVine.com and, like most things Ben does, it’s pretty smart.

Businesses, consultants and others hawking their wares — from real estate to entire businesses — can log on, post a job lead need and even attach a finder’s fee. Those connecting the lead with the poster make money. The poster gets a qualified lead and a chance to make money as well. The lead gets what they’re looking for from a pseudo friend of a friend. It’s a win-win for everybody.

LeadVine is set up to allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds of new leads. You can also receive new lead postings for all categories in your Twitter stream.

But it’s more than just a bulletin board of potential money-making deals. It’s also a purpose-driven social network. I logged in, set up my profile and answered the questions about what I do and what kind of connections I can help make with other users. Since I am pitched by vendors and pitch media, both for my blog and my work, and I travel to conferences and connect with others in the social media/tech/PR space. Connecting is an easy extension of my job. Now there’s a social network based on that premise.

While I see the site being of greater use to the medium to large business owner, venture capitalists, investors and C-level folks in need of top talent or large scale execution, there certainly is the potential for a wider-scale sales lead and even human resources environment here.

Like I said, my friend Ben is pretty smart.

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