MetroMojo Unveils New Features, White Label Solutions

by Jason Falls |

I spent the morning recently with Keith Ringer and Chuck Burke of The parent company of, one of the first, and to my knowledge most successful, local social networks, MetroMojo has repositioned itself as a white label social networking solution. The biggest difference between MetroMojo and others? Proven scale and long-term experience.

With hitting 50 million pageviews per month and serving as a sandbox-type test platform for the feature set, clients of MetroMojo’s platform can rest assured features will scale and servers will be able to handle the load. Because of the diversity in feature offerings, an established advertising platform and Mojo’s approach as content enablers, not primary content providers, the solution is custom made for media properties (television and radio stations or newspapers) trying to leap the Web 2.0 hurdle.

While we were there, Keith and Chuck sat down for an episode of Social Media Explorer TV. is the place to go for more information. You can also check out to see the local social network in action. The new feature set will appear over the next few weeks in the form of content placement and promotion.

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