Most Shared Content Of 2009
Most Shared Content Of 2009
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My friends at AddThis sent me the list of the most shared content of 2009 according to the 600 million monthly people who view their share widget. I thought it was an interesting list and worth sharing.

Keep in mind this is online users who choose to share content by clicking on a widget embedded on the site or post as opposed to copy-pasting the link or using other share bookmarklets or plugins. I don’t think it really skews the data too much, though, because I believe those outside the social media bubble probably use the share widgets like AddThis more than those of us with other mechanisms to do so. This is what was popular for the world. What was popular to the social media bubble doesn’t matter much.

Shockers for me? The wedding dance video seemed low to me. I remember when it came out it seemed like everyone in the world was talking about it. Also, there seems to be an unusual number of entries from Pawnation. It’s an entertaining site, but didn’t figure one blog would have several entries.

What about you? Drop a line in the comments.

Most Shared Content of 2009
AddThis Share Widget Data

  1. Santa Yourself – 71,848 shares
  2. African Thunderstorm – The Kim Komando Show – 50,008 shares
  3. Surprised Kitty Rampages – Pawnation – 32,270 shares –
  4. Cannabis College Now Enrolling Students – disinformation – 24,338 shares
  5. Extreme Shepherding Ad Campaign – Pawnation – 18,165 shares
  6. Michael Jackson Dies – TMZ – 13,481 shares
  7. Swine Flu Cover-up – – 12,722 shares
  8. Best. Wedding Entrance. Ever. – lemondrop – 12,693 shares
  9. Faith the Two-Legged Dog Turns Seven – Pawnation – 11,546 shares
  10. Santelli’s Tea Party – CNBC – 11,020 shares
  11. Best Graphics Cards For The Money – Tom’s Hardware – 10,802 shares
  12. Ukrainian Has Definitely ‘Got Talent’ – PopEater – 10,620 shares
  13. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Has Jewish Past – Telegraph (UK) – 10,502 shares
  14. Man’s Surprising Laugh – The Kim Komando Show – 7,340 shares
  15. Investigación – Parte 1 – El Caso Mascherano – 7,149 shares
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