New Social Bookmarking Submission Tool Worth Trying
New Social Bookmarking Submission Tool Worth Trying

My friend Brendan Picha from Squareoak has developed a new social bookmarking/social news tool to help submit your favorite stuff to multiple sites. It’s in beta and worth giving a try at

PostToaster Screen Shot This isn’t a new concept. I’ve been using for quite some time now but it hasn’t been quick enough in adding relevant new sites (like Mixx where I learned of Brendan’s new thing). In order to submit to more than my standard array of Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Faves and, I have to submit separately for Mixx and Sphinn. As such, my Mixx and Sphinn submissions are few and far between.

Now I’ve got a new place to try it out and Mixx and Sphinn are included. The only drawback I see right off the bat is the lack of a bookmarklet that automatically fills out the form with my submission, one very convenient feature of SocialMarker. I’m sure Brendan will whip up something to address that soon, however.

Brendan and I met at SMX Social Media in New York last October. He’s one of my frequent reads on the RSS as well. His blog is here.

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