Shave My Goatee For Male Cancer Research
Shave My Goatee For Male Cancer Research
by Jason Falls">Jason Falls

A funny thing happened on Twitter last night. David Armano and I got into a (light hearted and fun) discussion about the two of us being sexy bitches. (I know … silly, but bear with me here.)

Somehow the notion of me shaving my goatee to raise money for a good cause came up. So, I’ve decided to support Movemeber, the male cancer awareness movement, by pledging to you that if we can raise $1,000.00 by Nov. 15, which I will donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation, I will shave my goatee. Sure, it’s a small personal sacrifice (I’ve had my goat since roughly 1977), but it’s for a good cause. Click below and help us raise money for a great cause.

Thanks for considering. You may soon get to see my baby-face.

And a big “Thank you!” to David Armano, who is not only a sexy bitch, but a personal hero. You rock, dude.