ShopIgniter Offers Playbook To Promote And Sell Using Social Media

White paper offers insights into the gap between discovery & purchase.

by Jason Falls |

The fine folks at ShopIgniter have put together an impressive playbook white paper on promoting and selling using social media. They’ve joined the roster of sponsors here at Social Media Explorer, too, just to make sure you have a chance to see it. The download is free and is well worth the time to download and read.

ShopIgniter is a software company that provides and end-to-end solution to help companies post and manage engaging content on social networks. But their Playbook is useful to you, even if you don’t use their software. It takes a decidedly business approach to social media marketing, walking you through the business funnel and process of buying for the average consumer.

The really strong point for me in reading through The Playbook was their focus on the consumer gap between discovery and purchase. Understanding that gap for your customers will absolutely help you deliver better results in closing leads, deals and sales. The document is smart and helpful. Give it a look see.

And thanks to ShopIgniter for supporting us here at SME. We’re happy to pass on the good content to folks!

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