Site Avatars Baby Step To Next Big Thing
Site Avatars Baby Step To Next Big Thing

There’s a fun new site in beta called where you can create an avatar for you or your website and link it to your URL of choice. Nothing earth-shattering in the concept … you browse other avatars on Sivatar, which are tagged by category, and click to visit the owner’s website. But they just might have taken a baby step in a direction that could lead to something pretty sweet.

My Sivatar is over there to the right. I’ve used the image URL from the Sivatar site, but it’s just an image. All the image does on Sivatar is link to my website. They do provide stats on how many times your image has been cued in their front page array and how many click throughs it has received.

Simple concept, right? The more I thought about it, though, the more I thought this whimsical, little time-killer site might be onto something.

What if your Sivatar image file, when referenced from any profile space you point its direction, automatically linked to your website if clicked, regardless of the page it was on. You could point (on sites that allow full URLs for profile images) or even download the Sivatar, then upload it as your profile image or thumbnail and have it automatically link back to your site. This would be, in essence, an image file with a universally embedded hyperlink unaffected by location or transfer of the image. Now that would be cool.

Sivatar is really just a laid-back, time killer that serves as an additional place to promote (and get an all-important incoming link) your blog or website and allows you to find other sites as well. It was pointed out to me by its owner, a fairly active and quality submitter friend of mine on StumbleUpon named Biggie246. With a little ingenuity and programming genius, the concept might just be a peak into a next big thing.

And Biggie, if you figure it out … I accept royalties.

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  • Well I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m getting a little traffic from Sivatar. It’s too early to make long term predictions but I think Biggie is on to something.

    I recently wrote about the bad business practices of counting on Google as a means to revenue and I’m hoping Sivatar will be one of the tools we can use to break the Google grip. Please pardon the spamage but you can read my post here:

  • Thanks Hacksaw! I’ve sworn off pimping for the most part, but might swing by from time-to-time! Keep me in the loop.

  • Nice article Jason. We’re going to continue to add some great features to Sivatar so be sure to stay tuned.

    Keep up the nice work over here. And feel free to use the Sivatar chat area to announce your new blog posts — they’re excellent, in my opinion.

  • Billy, you’re a genius. I wish I had a dime for every idea I had that someone else had the accompanying programming skill or venture capital connections to bring to fruition, too. I’m sure you do too.

    Keep cranking out the ideas, though man. We’re brothers in underapreciated genius.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  • As usual I’m ahead of the curve and someone else makes the big bucks. I’ve been doing this Sivatar link to my blog for years I just thought it was called an avatar. Good luck to Biggie and my thanks for proving me right yet again.