Spreading The Joy Of RSS
Spreading The Joy Of RSS
by Jason Falls

The day I took the time to sit down and learn RSS and RSS feeds changed my life. No, there weren’t angelic choruses accompanying beams of light breaking through Moses-like parts in the ceiling. But converting to feeds as a web hyper-user literally trimmed an hour and a half to two hours a day off of my browsing time commitment.

Since then, I’ve been passionately promoting the use and understanding of RSS feeds to friends, co-workers and colleagues. In my somewhat limited and questionably qualified opinion, RSS is the future of web browsing. Unfortunately, little exists in recent RSS talk to indicate new usage and penetration numbers. According to Yahoo in 2005, 27% of Internet users employ RSS technology in surfing the web, but few know what it really is because they use it mostly on personalized home pages like iGoogle and My Yahoo.

My guess is that 20-30 percent of all Internet users are actively subscribing to RSS feeds in readers. But I would also guess that number is growing every day. Please note that no one has really studied this in three years or so and my guesses are simply anecdotal attempts at quantifying. I’m not a researcher.

On Thursday, that number grew a little more (I hope) after I presented the slide show below, complete with an electrifying accompanying talk, to a group of marketing and brand managers at a major company. Thanks to Twitter encouragement and a suggestion from Kristen Munson, the Social Media Mom, I decided to share the presentation slides using SlideShare.net.

Thanks Kristen. And happy birthday.

And if you’d like the snarky commentary and wit and witticisms that go along with the slides, I’ll gladly give the RSS talk to your group or business.

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