Survey: Online Learning And Social Media

by Jason Falls |

I soft-launched a little survey on Twitter earlier this week, but wanted to make sure that those who weren’t watching at that moment (or didn’t see retweets, etc.) got an invite, too. I’m doing a simple, less than five minute survey around the topic of online learning as it relates to social media. You can take it by clicking here to visit the survey page.

Doug Stevens on Shutterstock.comThe thought behind this is that I hope to begin offering some premium value webinar-type content to folks soon. These would be paid offerings. Think of them as intensive learning sessions, everything from 101 stuff to advanced thinking around social media strategies. The thoughts I share on the blog and my newsletter would remain free.

The content I hope to provide with the premium offerings would be well beyond the depth and breadth of that I can offer on the free outlets. I will share more of the ideas as they begin to take shape, but rest assured whatever I offer will be done with a 100-percent effort to ensure great value is delivered for your trouble, and done so beyond the single webinar experience.

Keep in mind the survey is a starting point and I’ve not made any hard decisions on this yet. I’m hoping for your input. Please fill out the survey and feel free to drop in thoughts in the comments. Think about these questions:

  • What type of online learning offering would appeal to you?
  • What topics would you like to learn from experts in the social media and Internet marketing fields?
  • How much would you pay for 1-2 hours of intensive learning with benefits beyond the single session?
  • How much would you pay if the content were so strong, you could cut the cost of a conference out of your budget?

A penny for your thoughts?

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